2019 Bible and
Reformation Lands Study Tour

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Meet new people, make new friends in a trip of a lifetime.

This is the chance of a lifetime to visit many of the sites that you have read about in the Bible.

Follow in the footsteps of Jesus in the well-known sites throughout Israel.

Follow the adventures of Paul and the other apostles as they take the Gospel to the then known world.

Gain an historical, geographical and on-site perspective of the Protestant Reformation throughout Europe.

Apply for sponsorship for pastors and church employed teachers. Recieve credit for Avondale College of Higher Education Master’s program.

Traveling through the Bible and the Reformation lands, starting June 2019

Proposed Itinary

Depart June 16 Sunday pm

Depart on Sunday afternoon/evening flights from Australian/NZ Capital City Airports on Emirates flights for Amman via Dubai. Here you will meet up with other tour participants coming in from other Australian/NZ capitals & 2 hrs later all board the same flight to Amman.

Day 1 June 17 Monday

From Amman to Petra

Arrive Dubai at 5:15am and join up with rest of travelling party before all travelling together on the 7:25am flight from Dubai to Amman, Jordan, arriving at 8:45am.

Amman: Roman Amphitheatre & Citadel; drive to Mt Nebo: view Moses’ “Promised Land” & Memorial Church of Moses (well preserved Byzantine mosaics & early baptismal fonts); drive to Madaba: St George’s Greek Orthodox Church (historic mosaic map of Palestine, including details of Jerusalem); drive to Petra via Desert Hwy: Spring of Moses
Accm: Petra

Day 2 June 18 Tuesday

Exploring the best of ancient Petra

Petra: The Siq, The Treasury (Al Khazneh ), High Place of Sacrifice, Petra Valley of tombs & houses, Roman Theatre, Archaeological Museum, The Monastery (Al Deir). If available, an evening optional program at own expense to attend Petra’s Light & Sound at The Treasury.
Accm: Petra

Day 3 June 19 Wednesday

Travel north from Petra to Galilee

Drive north through the biblical lands of the Edomites, Moabites and the Ammonites as well as the tribal areas of Reuben, Gad and Manasseh. Descend to the east bank of the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley: possible visit to a recently proposed site for OT Sodom, baptismal site at Bethany Beyond Jordan, the Jabbok River. Cross the Jordan River into Israel at the Northern Crossing (or the Sheikh Hussein Border). Possible visit to the archaeological site of Beth-Shean. Drive to Tiberias.
Accm: Tiberias

Day 4 June 20 Thursday

Circumnavigate the Sea of Galilee visiting NT towns and sites

Tiberias, Migdal (Magdala) archaeological site including synagogue, boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, the Jesus Boat Museum, Mount of Blessings, Tabka feeding of the 5,000 site, Church of Primacy of Peter, Capernaum’s Synagogue and House of Peter, Jordan River entrance into the Sea of Galilee, Kursi in the “region of the Garasenes”, Decapolis territory, Yardenit baptismal site
Accm: Tiberias

Day 5 June 21 Friday

More in Galilee then south to Jerusalem

Cana: Franciscan Church; Nazareth: Church of St Gabriel (or the Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation and Mary’s Well), Catholic Church of the Annunciation, Church of St Joseph, Old Nazareth Synagogue, Nazareth Bible Time Village. Travel south through the Plain of Esdraelon (including the Valley of Jezreel) the following locations can be seen: Mt Tabor (or Mount of Transfiguration) in the north, Mt Carmel in the NW, as well as the biblical town of Megiddo

From Megiddo view Mt Gilboa in the east, Mt Ebal and Mt Gerizim in the south, En-dor, Nain, Shunem, Jezreel and Dothan.

We will drive to Jerusalem via Caesarea on the Mediterranean Coast: – ancient Roman Aqueduct, amphitheatre, hippodrome & Pontus Pilate Stone.) Valley of Elah – (David and Goliath)

Drive to Jerusalem: visit at sunset to Wailing Wall for Jewish opening Sabbath.
Accm: Jerusalem

Day 6 June 22 Sabbath – Sabbath service and start Jerusalem sites

Sabbath am: Guided tour of Gordon’s Calvary and the Garden Tomb, on site special Communion Church Service on site. Sabbath pm: stroll from Mount of Olives to the Kidron Valley: the Chapel of the Ascension, Pater Noster Church, Tomb of the Prophets Haggai and Malachi, Garden Gethsemane, Church of All Nations, St Peter in Gallicantu Close Sabbath at Wailing Wall. Accm: Jerusalem

Day 7 June 23 Sunday

Sites east of Jerusalem down to the Jordon/Dead Sea Valley

Bethany: Lazarus’ Tomb;
Dead Sea – Masada: The Fortress of Herod the Great, Jews last stand against the Romans (including Audio visual Museum)
Qumran: ruins of this Dead Sea Scrolls community, DSS caves; swim in the Dead Sea; travel to Jericho: old city ruins, Elisha’s Spring, sycamore trees, St George’s Monastery; maybe The Samaritan’s Inn on return to Jerusalem.
Accm: Jerusalem

Day 8 June 24 Monday

Walking the streets of Jerusalem’s Old City

Jerusalem’s city walls and gates (including Damascus, Jaffa, Lion, Dung, Golden and Herod’s Gates), Mt Zion, Last Supper Room, Tomb of King David, Visit the Pool of Bethesda at St Anne’s Church, Wailing or Western Wall, (Bar Mitzvah) Temple Mount , Dome of the Rock, selected stations of the Via Dolorosa (or Way of the Cross), the Lithostrotos, Church of the Holy Sepulchre,
Accm: Jerusalem

Day 9 June 25 Tuesday

Bethlehem before finishing Jerusalem,

Bethlehem (depending on political status at the time): Church of Nativity, Shepherd’s Field, souvenir outlet store. Return to Jerusalem: Israel Museum, Shrine of the Book and Dead Sea Scrolls, model of Herod’s Jerusalem, sight the Knesset Building with its large menorah. if time permits Hall of the Holocaust
Accm: Jerusalem

Day 10 June 26 Wednesday

Davidson Centre, Hezekiah’s Tunnel and spend the rest of the day seeing more sites in the Old walled city of Jerusalem e.g. “The Burnt House” &. Shopping in Jerusalem then – drive to Tel Aviv
Afternoon flight out of Tel Aviv to Izmir
Accm: Izmir

Day 12 June 28 Friday
Fly from Izmir for 2 days in Athens

Catch early flight to Athens, arrive 9:15am. City features: the Agora (the market place Paul visited, Mars Hill (The Aeropagos), the Acropolis with its world famous Parthenon & Temple of the Virgins , New Acropolis Museum
Accm: Athens

Day 13 June 29 Sabbath

Sabbath day in Corinth. 83 kms from Athens and approx 1½ hrs drive each way
Full day CORINTH
Bema, Erastus Inscription, Synagogue remnants,
Body parts in clay
Return to ATHENS
Accm: Athens

Day 14 June 30 Sunday
Early flight to Rome and focus on Pagan Rome sites

Early morning flight from Athens to Rome on an either 6am to 7am or 8:50 to 9:50.

Note: during the next four days as we drive around Rome, some of the prominent features of Roman history and culture that we will not be visiting, but will drive by on the coach and give you appropriate commentary are: the old city walls, gates, baths, remains of ancient pagan temples & palace ruins, The Appian Way, Theatre of Marcellus, Castle of St Angelo, Victor Emmanuel’s Monument, Church of St. Maria in Aracoeli, Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore and Dominie Quo Vadis, etc

Today’s Rome visits; the Colosseum, Arch of Constantine, Roman Forum, Palatine Museum, Titus Arch, Mamertine Prison, Capitol Square, Trajan’s Forum, Victor Emmanuel’s Monument, Circus Maximus and Mouth of Truth at Bocca Della Verita
Accm: Rome

Day 15 July 1 Monday
Visit a catacomb and the Archaeological site of Pompeii

As leaving Rome visit the Catacomb of St Callistus, then pass by Mt Vesuvius as drive to Pompeii and visiting the ancient archaeological ruins of Pompeii, drive back to Rome
Accm: Rome

Day 16 July 2 Tuesday
Vatican Museum, St Peter’s and other significant Churches of Rome

Visit the Vatican Museum including the Sistine Chapel, St Peters Cathedral & Crypt, call at the Corsini Palace, the Bruno Monument in the Piazza Di Campo Dei Fiori & the Church of Jesus
Accm: Rome

Day 17 July 3 Wednesday
More Churches and tourist attractions of ancient Rome

Rome today begins with a street walk by the Piazza del Popolo, Santa Maria del Popolo, Spanish Steps, Colonna dell’ Immacolata, College Propagation of Faith, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Colonna, Obelisk of Montecitorio, Italian Parliment, Pantheon and St. Maria Sopra Minerva. Then a drive to visit to St. Pauls Outside the Walls and a pm program at the Basilica and Baptistery of St. John Lateran, Santa Scala (or Holy Staircase), Triclinium, the Martin Luther Piazza, Church of St Peter in the Chains, the Basilica of St Clements, the Pope Joan Shrine
Accm: Rome

Day 18 July 4 Thursday
A day in Florence

Morning drive to Florence, Piazzale Michelangelo to view city, then visit St. Mark’s Church and Convent, the Piazza Della Signoria, the Il Duomo Cathedral and Baptistery of St John, Giotto’s Tower, Ponte Vecchio, free time could include markets, other churches, museums & galleries
Accm: Florence

Day 19 July 5 Friday
Drive to Torre Pellice via Pisa and Pinerolo

Drive to Pisa, Leaning Tower, Baptistery & Cathedral, to Pinerolo, Hospice for Catechumens, Cathedral & Palace of the Senate, then short drive into Torre Pellice, evening visit to SDA Church
Accm: Torre Pellice

Day 20 July 6 Sabbath
Sabbath in the Waldense Valleys and Mountains

(No Coach Day – local bus used), Bobbio Pellice, Sibaud Monument, Sabbath service in Angrogna Waldense Church, Sabbath lunch at SDA lodge, College of Barbs, Serre, Chanforan Monument, School Museum, Ghieza d’ la Tana, back to Torre Pellice, Waldensian Museum, Headquarters & Church
Accm: Torre Pellice

Day 21 July 7 Sunday
Cross the Alps to Geneva

Drive across the Alps via the Mt Blanc Pass into Switzerland, Geneva, International Reformation Museum, Cathedral of St. Peter, climb tower for great view of city, lake & Geneva Fountain, Auditoire de Calvin, Calvin home, Calvin College, Town Hall, Reformation Wall, Michael Servetus Monument, United Nations Building,
Accm: Geneva

Day 22 July 8 Monday
Switzerland’s scenic route to Bern then Grindelwal

On leaving Geneva drive by Nyon, on way to the Chillon Castle near Montreux, then to Bern, to visit the Bern Minster (an evangelical cathedral), City Council, Swiss Federal Parliament, the Zytglogge (Time Bell), the Barengraben (bear pit), then to Interlaken, Lauterbrunnen Valley, Trummelbach Falls, Grindelwald
Accm: Grindelwald

Day 23 July 9 Tuesday
Rest and Recovery Day in Swiss Alps

(No Coach Day), this is a mid-tour “rest and recovery day” where participants can choose their own activities at their own expense. Options include: take the cog train via Kleine Scheidegg to Jungfraujoch which is the highest railway station in Europe, where you can enjoy the snow at “the top of Europe”; take train to Kleine Scheidegg and walk back down to Grindelwald along alpine trails (a beautiful 3-4 hr walk); catch the cable cars or chair lifts to Mannlichen or Wengen or First for wonderful alpine views and walks; or at no cost walk local alpine trails and meadows around Grindelwald
Accm: Grindelwald

Day 24 July 10 Wednesday
Complete Switzerland and into Germany

Drive to Lucerne, Lion Monument, Kapellbrücke, Jesuit Church, then Zurich, Zwingli Statue behind the Wasserkirche, the Grossminster, Grimmenturm, Rathaus, Frauminster, cross into Germany, Gottleiben Castle, Constance, the Hussenstein Memorial Stone, the Cathedral, Hotel Insel, Konzilgebaüde, Imperial Harbour Statue, Rathaus
Accm: Constance

Day 25 July 11 Thursday
Speyer and Worms

Drive to Speyer, the Cathedral & Diet of Speyer plaque, then to Worms, the Cathedral of St. Peter & Paul and the Helschofgarten, the Luther Monument, the Inn sites, the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church and the Magnuskirche
Accm: Worms

Day 26 July 12 Friday
Drive to Erfurt, via Eisenach

Maybe Mainz for Gutenberg Museum and Cathedral of St Martin and St Stephen, then on to Eisenach, Wartburg Castle, Luther’s House, Luther Monument, & Bach’s House, to Erfurt
Accm: Erfurt

Day 27 July 13 Sabbath
Sabbath in Erfurt

Attend SS & Church at Erfurt Seventh-day Adventist Church, pm walk around sites to include: the Luther Monument, Collegium Majus, the Georgen Hostel, former Augustinian Monastery & Church, and on Domplatz there is St Mary’s Cathedral and the Merchant’s Church
Accm: Erfurt

Day 28 July 14 Sunday
Stotterheim, Eisleben and Torgau enroute to Wittenberg

Drive to Stotterheim, Lutherstein, then to Eisleben, Luther’s birth house & museum, Church of St Peter and St Paul, Luther Memorial, St Andrew’s Church & the Sterbehaus Museum, drive to Torgau, Hartenfel’s Castle, St Marien Church, Death House and Museum of Katherina Luther, Town Hall and Market Square, drive to Wittenberg
Accm: Wittenberg

Day 29 July 15 Monday
Wittenberg and Berlin

Wittenberg Castle Church, Luther Garden, Lucas Cranach House, town square monuments, St Mary’s or Town Church, Melanchthon’s House, Frederick’s College (former Wittenberg University), Melanchthon’s House, Luther’s home & museum (former Black Monastery), the Luther Oak, drive to Berlin, Siegessaule Victory Column, Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, Jewish Memorial, Pergamon Museum, Berlin Wall Memorial, Checkpoint Charlie, and maybe the Freedom Museum, then
Accm: Berlin

Day 30 July 16 Tuesday

Drive to Prague and then an afternoon of Jan Hus sites

Drive to Czech Republic & Prague, Clemintinium, Old Town Hall, Martyrdom Site, Huss Monument, the Church of Our Lady Before Tyn, Carolinium, Bethlehem Chapel, Charles Bridge, possibly opportunity to attend own paid cultural concert in evening or an evening walk to Zizkov National Monument
Accm: Prague

July 17 Wednesday

A free morning in Prague and catch afternoon flight for home

A choice of free time in the am or a visit to Hradcany Castle & the Royal Palace, also the Archbishop’s Palace & Cathedral of St. Vitus, lunch at SDA Vegetarian Restaurant, then to Prague Airport to catch afternoon Emirates’ flight to Dubai then on home to Australian airports.

July 18 Thursday

Back home today

Arrive back in Australia in various Australian Airports.

2019 Bible and
Reformation Lands Study Tour

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