School Program Options and Information

The Tutankhamun Roadshow currently provides two educational experience options.

Option 1: Tut Roadshow Multimedia Museum.

Option 2: Tut Roadshow History Day.

Option 1: Tut Roadshow Multimedia Museum

Tut Roadshow Multimedia Museum

This includes an interactive introduction on “Understanding Archaeology” (using 2,000 year old potsherds), before the students experience the three multimedia theatrette displays, and finish with a “Stamping the Cartouche” activity.

What Your Students Will Learn

– Who this young Pharaoh was

– How the Rosetta Stone was the key that unlocked the secrets of Hieroglyphs

– The techniques of ancient mummification

– How Archaeology and the people of our past can come alive again… and much more

All the content and teacher’s resources are designed to fulfil the Australian and NSW Curriculum.

Tut Roadshow Multimedia Museum

The Tut Roadshow Multimedia Museum has taken a full 2 years to build, its conception and planning goes even further back. It is a purpose built semi-trailer that contains three mini theatrettes designed to allow your students to be immersed in a full-sensory learning experience about rediscovering Pharaoh Tutankhamun of Ancient Egypt and the Dead Sea Scrolls through the development of modern archaeology.

We have had three short animated documentary movies made in Los Angeles specifically and exclusively for the Roadshow. Filming with actors here in Australia while animation of the story was done using new state of the art technology in Los Angeles, USA. So yes it has taken a lot longer to produce than expected but it is now an incredible experience for your students.

The movies are focused at middle school and senior year History to fulfil the Australian Curriculum. We have also redesigned an abridged version for primary school, so there is something for everyone from Junior school through to year 11/12.

Option 2: Tut Roadshow History Day

History Day

Responding to suggestions from teachers, the Tutankhamun Roadshow recently developed an exciting new concept called “The History Day”. Instead of the students only experiencing the Tut Roadshow Multimedia Museum, we would love to immerse your students in the ancient past for the WHOLE DAY! Below are the additional interactive activities available to include as part of the “HISTORY DAY”!

History Day Activity Options

  1. The Amazing Tut Roadshow Multimedia Museum – groups of students, plus an adult, rotate through three theatrettes (The Code Room, The Tomb Room and The Scroll Room) to view three screen multimedia presentations and the artefacts.
  2. The Table of Writing – this activity reveals the origins and development of writing, using artefacts and making paper from papyrus to illustrate the process. The students make their own shopping list without using words and write their name in Ancient Sumerian.
  3. Ancient Seals – the students have the opportunity to design/create their own seals with clay and understand the importance of these seals for personal security in the ancient world.
  4. Maths in the Ancient Egyptian World – discovering the Egyptian Numbering System through games and measuring with royal cubits as the ancient scribes would have done.
  5. Archaeology – for this activity we supply 2,000 and 4,000 year old pottery pieces for the students to handle. An Archaeological Tel is discussed using a scale model and the students try their hand at Forensic Archaeology using replica human skulls.
  6. Tutankhamun’s Tomb Paintings – we erect a FULL SIZE replica of Tut’s tomb wall paintings. During the activity the paintings meanings are explored. The students learn how Ancient Egyptians drew on the tomb walls using a grid pattern and try the technique for themselves.
  7. Using the Tut Roadshow App – here the students download the Tut Roadshow App onto their phones or tablets and scan the pictures to gain information about 30 of the artefacts that they have seen in the Multimedia Museum.
  8. Playing the Senet Game (Tutankhamun’s favourite game) – we can supply up to 20 Senet game sets as a “Play-off” across the grade in any spare time.

We will supply the materials and resources that are needed, e.g. seals kits, FULL SIZE replica of Tut’s tomb wall paintings, royal cubits, papyrus, and soft copies of the student workbook and a teachers handbook.

We would need you to supply 5 teachers who would be willing to become “experts” in one of the five activities and remain there to teach those activities as the students rotate from room to room throughout the day.


Option 1: The cost of the Tut Roadshow Multimedia Museum coming to you is just $26.00 (Ex. GST) per student – 2023 price.

Option 2: The cost for the History Day, a full day of activities including the Tut Roadshow Multimedia Museum is $36.00 (Ex, GST) per student – 2023 price.


Possible additional costs for both options;

+ Payment via credit card – 2% additional fee.

+ Power Generation – $100.00 (Ex. GST) per day, if access to compatible 32A three phase power is not available.

+ Travel distance from Morisset: 10-100km – $150 (Ex. GST), 100-150km – $300 (Ex. GST), or outside of the Newcastle/Central Coast/Sydney region – $5.00 (Ex. GST) per km (we suggest working with other schools in your area to share the cost).

+ All prices are subject to change.


Thanks for this opportunity. We hope to hear from you soon to maximise the possibility that the dates you want are still available, and we look forward to working with you.