A replica of one of the model boats placed in the Treasury and Annex in Tutankhamun’s tomb. There were 35 model boats in the tomb.
Boats played an important role in Egyptian life and on death. Journeys took place in both worlds. Egypt was focused on the River Nile and the most efficient transport was by boat along the Nile and by boat across the Nile from the East (life) to the West (the afterlife).
The 18 boats in the Treasury seemed to be those in better condition and are focused on the journeys in the afterlife.
This model boat is a transport barge (Carter 309). The original was over a meter long. Royal trips down the Nile required many vessels including transport barges. The patterns on this barge are meant to represent textiles which probably adorned the original vessel it was modelled after.
This replica is 210mm long, resin cast.