For Secondary Schools

The Tut Roadshow team aims to provide a rich and inspiring educational experience for students of all ages over a variety of subject areas.

Access to Experts

The Tut Roadshow’s program has been developed and delivered by experts in the fields of archaeology and education. Through the Tut Roadshow experience, students gain access to information researched and presented by these experts and see original and identical replica artefacts that they otherwise would have limited access to. 

Contextual Learning

The Tut Roadshow experience is aligned with a range of the Australian Curriculum and NSW syllabi making it the perfect way to address requirements for your whole school. 

Providing the opportunity for students to step back in time and be taken on a multimedia journey supported with original and replica artefacts, allows the Tut Roadshow to bring relevance and context to student learning.  The opportunity to handle artefact fragments thousands of years old, connects stories and facts from the past and develops an understanding of the passage of time.

Following an inquiry approach, additional teacher resources (linked to each KLA and stage) can be easily incorporated into your own learning programs before and after a visit.  These resources are accessible on booking through the resource portal. 

Teachers can utilise these tools and experience to support prior and current learning or as springboard for future learning.

Syllabus Links and Integration Ideas

Documents linked below outline syllabus connection and integration ideas for a range of secondary curriculum areas.  This makes the experience a truly cross-curricular learning opportunity for the whole school. 

About the Tut Roadshow

Find out where our journey began, where our artefacts have come from and what you can expect from the Tut Roadshow experience.


Curriculum links and Learning Experiences

Provide students with a unique learning opportunity mapped to the Australian and NSW curriculum.


The Tut Roadshow in your School

Compliment your school’s learning experience by having the Tut Roadshow’s state of the art exhibition come to you.



Link the exhibition with fundraising opportunities, open days, school festivals or community school events.


Resources for Schools

When you book the Tut Roadshow, your school will gain access to the range of engaging teaching and learning resources.