Take a Breathtaking Journey into Ancient Civilisations!


21-26 August 2022 | Salamander Bay Square

Located in carpark near Commonwealth Bank


Don’t miss the Tut Roadshow, a world class museum-quality archaeology exhibition on wheels, coming to Port Stephens. Celebrating 100 years since the discovery & opening the tomb of King Tutankhamun!


Cost: $25 per person


BOOK before 21/08 & use – Coupon: SAVE$10 – & save $10/person

BOOK after 20/08 & use – Coupon: SAVE$5 – & save $5/person

BOOK – “Journey into Ancient Civilisations”

The opportunity to experience, “Journey into Ancient Civilisation” (50 mins), a multimedia three theatrette journey into the artifects, sights and sounds of Ancient Egypt, Tutankhamun, the Dead Sea Scrolls and much more.

Please note

  • Children 0-15 yrs must be accompanied by an adult, children 0-4 yrs are free.
  • Each session is limited to 8 people.
  • Hand sanitiser is provided before entering and masks are recommended.
  • The theatrettes are fitted with hospital grade air purification.
  • Warning: short mild strobe-like effect at the beginning of “Cracking the Code” in the first room.
  • There are stairs into and inside the mobile museum. Please contact us to arrange wheelchair access – 0401 277 398.