Being an incursion, the Tutankhamun Roadshow keeps the students in the controlled safety of the school grounds, removing the need to travel off site and the potential of coming in contact with COVID-19 while doing so.

1. The protection of Students and Staff against COVID-19 is our primary concern.
2. Our COVID-19 Safety Policy complies with the requirements of State and Federal authorities.
3. We require our staff to be free of COVID-19 symptoms to work, and to sign a disclaimer.
4. All staff are trained in COVID-19 safety measures, eg. PPE, physical distancing and cleaning.
5. We stock face masks for use as required.
6. Where reasonably practical, staff maintain 1.5 metres physical distancing at all times.
7. We utilise good hand hygiene practices, including the required use of hand sanitiser at entry points.
8. Touch areas and hard surfaces are cleaned with disinfectant between classes and schools.
9. Set-up and pack up processes are timed to avoid student contact.
10. Contact record keeping is coordinated with the school.

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